After Hours Space Party!

Event Date: 
Saturday, November 4, 2017 - 8:30pm to 11:59pm
RSVP Required
Included Items: 
Tourist-free, all-access, party-time takeover of the most popular museum in the world! Open bar.

Houston, we have a party.

People have lived and worked in space every moment of every day since November to celebrate 17 years of defying the universe, BYT is throwing the very exciting Found in Space after hours event at the National Air and Space Museum.

A space party--in the the most popular museum in the world--like you’ve never seen before.

Countdown has started. Get your tickets NOW!

Expect performances by the aptly named Moon Boots, Ted-style space talks, an open SKYY Vodka bar, roaming performers and so much more!

As always, there is no dress code, but we recommend staying on theme: SPAAAAAAAAAAAACE
Let's make this one classy. We're thinking tuxedo with a space helmet. We'll call it "black sky".
Buzz Litebeer / Space Oddity / Spaced Invaders
Air and Office Space / Late Night at the Apollo 13 / Quad City DJs
Vulcan / Klingon / Borg / Ferengi / Romulan / Tribble / Kardashian
Millenial Falcon / Willennium Falcon / Millenium Falco (Rock Me Amadeus)

It’s going to be out of this world (Sorry, in space, your sense of humor atrophies).