Beats, Ballots & Bytes: The Impact of New Perspectives and Voices on Politics

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Thursday, November 16, 2017 - 8:00am to 10:00am
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Beats, Ballots & Bytes: This event is a special panel discussion exploring how to engage and navigate the new mindsets, values, and entrants within the public sector today. From bold ways in which Millenniials are expressing social concerns and shaping the cultural narrative, to those from diverse demographics taking surprising socio-political stances, to tech giants combining forces to try and reform party messaging, American politics is now being shaped by "new," influential voices. How will such disruption impact traditional political messaging and outreach even further? What happens when everyone truly begins to participate in a democracy, as always encouraged? What part does consumerism play in political tastes? How will you stay ahead of the curve? Panelists of prominence discuss this complex and buzzy space and the future of this intersection with the Beltway. We will be examing the political side of this powerful, new equation initially explored here in Forbes 

Alex Conant - Former Communications Director, Senator Marco Rubio, Presidential Election Campaign; Current Founder, Firehouse Strategies
Caleb Gardner - Former Digital Director, OFA/Barack Obama; Current Founder, 18 Coffees
Chuck Rocha - Director, National Association of Diverse Political Consultants; President, Solidarity Strategies
Caroline Goggin - Head of Communications, Tech For Campaigns

More to come..

Opening Remarks: - by member of The House ofRepresentatives to be announced

Closing Remarks - to be announced

Venue Partner - Microsoft

Moderated by Angela Greiling Keane, Deputy Technology Editor, POLITICO and Lauren deLisa Coleman, Digi-Cultural Trend Analyst, Contributor, Forbes 

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