Daybreaker DC Sunrise Dance Party: “A Midsummer Morning’s Dream"

Event Date: 
Saturday, August 12, 2017 - 9:00am to 11:00am
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Free Event
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A special FREE edition of Daybreaker!

What light through yonder window breaks — wait, wrong play.

Alas, it matters not! On Saturday August 12th, we’ll be light-through-yonder-window-breaking the day when we come together for “A Midsummer Morning’s Dream.” ✨

We’ve teamed up with Leesa Sleep to sprinkle some extra joy to the community, so we’ve made this event a gift to the fam (aka free!). (We know, we know, this is better than the time Titania became queen of the fairies.) And we. are. stoked to share the news because DC, you deserve it. RSVP HERE, NOW!

Leesa will bring their dope photo booth and whimsical #dreamwall, so we can share our dreams and capture the moments. We’ll have fairies and nymphs on the dance floor and an extra dialed production. So dress like your fave mythical creature or fantasy character (or just rock PJs), and let’s dance like dreamers do.

// Featuring Wade Hammes
// Free coffee, healthy juices and breakfast bites
// Live performances + secret surprises