Peruvian Happy Hour

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Thursday, April 20, 2017 - 5:30pm to 8:00pm
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On April 20, sit back, relax, and learn about fascinating geological mysteries, innovative ancient societies, and modern conservation challenges in Peru from four National Geographic photographers and explorers: Andres Ruzo, Sandhya Narayanan, Matthew Piscitelli, and Charlie Hamilton James.

Geothermal scientist and National Geographic Young Explorer Grantee Andrés Ruzo explores how the Earth produces heat and investigates the mysterious boiling river in Peru.

Sandhya Narayanan, an anthropologist and 2014 young explorer grantee, studies how languages and cultures interact and have changed over time on the Peru-Bolivia border.

Anthropological archaeologist and Young Explorer Grantee Matthew Piscitelli’s current, Nat Geo–funded research focuses on how complex societies emerged along the north central coast of Peru.

World-renowned National Geographic magazine photographer Charlie Hamilton James’ work sometimes puts him in unintended and revealing situations: like the time he accidentally bought an illegal cocoa plantation in Peru.

Happy hour 5:30. Talks 6:30pm. Tickets $15 here.