Simply Leap DC Book Party!

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Friday, February 10, 2017 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm
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Come celebrate the new book, SIMPLY LEAP, and learn about the seven lessons you need to face fear and enjoy the crap out of life!

(And, of course, there will be HUGS!)

Grab your copy now or download a Free Chapter at:

From the book jacket:

Dream careers. Cross-country moves. Magical coffee shops. Lauree Ostrofsky's clients have created lives more amazing than they ever thought possible. Their journeys involved tough roadblocks too. Doubt and fear making even small steps feel challenging. They moved past these by being kinder to themselves, worrying less and trusting their instincts more. In each of their stories shared in the new book, SIMPLY LEAP, there were moments of surprise and sheer delight when just what they were hoping for finally happened.

Now it’s your turn. Through this behind-the-scenes look at leaps-in-process, you’ll learn the seven lessons you need to create a life you love and enjoy the crap out of getting there!

Author Bio:

Lauree Ostrofsky, PCC, CPC, helps clients spend less time worrying about what everyone else thinks they should do, and more time figuring out what they really want. This is her second book, her first is entitled, "I'm scared & doing it anyway." More at