Sing-Along: En Masse (Songs About Doing Things Together)

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Monday, March 20, 2017 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Free Event
Sing Along
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In February, we sang about people breaking apart. For March, let's bring people back together. Songs this month can be those that have words like we/us/together (etc) in the title, but they can also be more subtle. Post your suggestions by the end of the day on March 5! 

We'll be back on a Monday in March! We're also going to bump the start time up 30 minutes from the usual time: Gather at 7pm, singing at 7:30pm. 

For those of you wondering what this is all about:

A People's Choir DC is a casual sing-along. It isn't a performance; it's a group effort. We play the actual songs (not the vocal-less karaoke version), and you can stand around or sit or dance...and sing.

If you don't know a song, no worries - make up the tune as you go or just sit it out. There is no sheet music at A People's Choir, only song lyrics, which we'll provide (along with the music videos).

We don't care about your singing ability, just your enthusiasm - and we're pretty flexible in that area as well. Just show up and enjoy yourself! It's free.