Touchstone Gallery Opening Reception

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Friday, September 8, 2017 - 6:00pm to 8:30pm
Free Event
Art Opening
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This Month at Touchstone Gallery:

“About Face: Reversals and Undoings”
Touchstone member artists explore reversal in all its manifestations: turn-around, complete changes in position, attitude or point of view, or just undoing something. Artists may question society’s images of women, create portraits, or play with their medium by mirroring shapes and colors or turning them around to make new and unusual compositions. Clay, hand-pulled prints, paintings, sculpture, collage, drawing and photography works are represented in this unusually installed exhibit.

“Ordered Complexities” by Patricia Williams
A lively discussion of Pi Day (March 14, based on π’s value of 3.141592…) inspired Patricia Williams to create works that seek to translate mathematical and scientific principles into paintings that express the essence of a concept. Whimsical and colorful, the paintings integrate the artist’s lifelong fascination with science, math and creativity in all its forms.

"Physiognomy" by Tim Johnson
Sharing a collection of small scale portraits painted in recent months.

Open August 30 - October 1
Opening Reception Friday, September 8, 6PM-8:30PM