Wine Tasting Seminar

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm
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Wine Tasting
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talk, wine tasting
Cordial Fine Wine & Spirits is always getting asked, "What's new in the wine world? What are you enjoying these days?"
For the moment, we're really excited about the Natural Wine movement many producers have started practicing in their production. This movement focuses on minimal chemical and
mechanical manipulation of grapes being grown and fermented. The results are some of the purest, freshest expressions of the grapes grown from their respective regions. Vina Pura. 
One of the rockstars of the Natural Wine movement is Lisa Hinton, head winemaker of Old Westminster Winery located outside of Baltimore, Maryland. 
To help share Lisa's award-winning winemaking process, including wild yeast fermentations, sparkling additions and minimal intervention, Pineapple DC is hosting an evening of exploring Lisa's wines, and the unique, natural components she uses to craft their style and quality. *Lisa will also have a selection of her wines for sale during the event*
The tasting and seminar will take place Tuesday, March 14th 2017 from 7-9pm (q+a starts at 7:30pm) at WeWork Manhattan Laundry ($35/person)
For tickets and further info, click HERE (use promocode "pineforcordial")
About Pineapple DC...Pineapple DC began in May 2015 as a simple yet powerful idea: bring women in food together around good food. Today pineapple seeks to create an inclusive and diverse space for women in food, women interested in food and the men who support them. They create good vibes, and a network for women to support, collaborate and celebrate one another. They, highlight the work of incredible women by hosting beautiful, inspiring events. Their goal is to foster substantive conversation on a wide variety of topics from urban agriculture to entrepreneurship, from fermentation to food insecurity, and beyond.