No Kings Collective x Hirshhorn Museum present $19.89

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Thursday, April 19, 2018 - 7:00pm to 11:00pm
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Pop-up Art Installations by No Kings Collective. Enjoy an evening at the Hirshhorn tourist-free! Live painting by featured artist, SUPERWAXX. Performances by Lionz of Zion. Tasty beverages by 'Please Bring Chips'. Bites by Mason Dixie, Dolcezza. More to be announced....
No Kings Collective has, by their own admission, been “hustling since 2009,” and as an art collective, they embody the creative energy, versatility and community of DC. Their large-scale murals can be found throughout the city, and their events and interventions create unexpected public encounters that blend design and culture in extraordinary ways. Artists in the 1980s created entrepreneurial collectives to pioneer new ways to share and sell their art, with their own catchphrases. “HUSTLE” echoes the advertising slogans and appropriated images featured in Brand New, and this unique mix of tongue-in-cheek design is highlighted in the Hirshhorn exhibition.
No Kings Collective, SUPERWAXX and NoMüNoMü, in collaboration with the Hirshhorn, poster release in response to the exhibit, BRAND NEW: ART AND COMMODITY IN THE 1980S. There will be limited edition available for free night of the event!

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Pop-up Art Installations by No Kings Collective
Live painting by featured artist, SUPERWAXX
Performances by Lionz of Zion
Tasty beverages by 'Please Bring Chips'
Bites by Mason Dixie, Dolcezza
More to be announced....
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